Top 10 Highest Grossing Directors

Everyone knows the director is a vital part of determining whether a film will be a success or not. These ten directors have grossed the most at the box office.

10. James Cameron
One movie alone put him on this list and we all know what movie that is. It’s about a big boat sinking, recall that one, Yes, ‘Titanic’. Enough said.
Number One Film: ‘Titanic’

9. Sam Raimi
An action man, Sam Raimi has been behind some of the biggest and best action films. He works tirelessly to conceptualise amazing stunts, special effects and new technology to bring to his audience.
Number One Film: ‘Spiderman’

8. Peter Jackson
It takes a lot of painstaking work to create a world like that in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films and Mr. Jackson was the one to step up to the plate.
Number One Film: ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’

7. Tim Burton
The odd man out. This dark man of mystery has been behind some of the most unique films of the past couple decades and like GoreVerbinski, he has a great liking for Johnny Depp. Over the years, Tim Burton’s dark visions have done well for him.
Number One Film: ‘Batman’

6. Gore Verbinski
Sure he did some good movies like ‘Mouse Trap’ and ‘The Ring’, but it wasn’t until he took a project involving pirates that he found his way onto this list. With a little help from Johnny Depp and some really neat stunts, this man propelled himself to number six.
Number One Film: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’

5. Chris Columbus
A relatively unknown director until a little film happened to strike gold with audiences worldwide. The film was, of course ‘Harry Potter’. He’s got the franchise under his belt and some new projects in the works.
Number One Film: ‘Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone’

4. Ron Howard
The golden boy, who grew up on-screen, surely learned a thing or two before heading to the other side of the camera. He’s known for his films being from the heart and stories with true messages that reach audiences of all ages.
Number One Film: ‘The Grinch’
3. George Lucas
Of course he’s on this list, he did Star Wars! What began as a project in film school became one of the most widely recognised and watched film series of all time. You have to hand it to him, he had a vision and he went with it.
Number One Film: ‘Star Wars’

2. Robert Zemeckis
A cinematic genius, Zemeckis is often forgotten about in the current film generation, but he has done some amazing work and is currently doing some very forward moving projects.
Number One Film: ‘Forrest Gump’

1. Steven Spielberg
Really, could anyone beat him, The man is a cinematic genius who has always been determined to get what he wants and enjoys making films for a wide range of audiences.
Number One Film: ‘E.T.’

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