Visas for Young Travellers

If you are travelling outside the European Union, you will need a visa to enter a country. There are a wide range of visas to suit varying circumstances, and it is important that you know which one you will need before travelling. The rules and regulations can also vary dramatically from country to country, so it is worth taking note of the requirements. If you are on a short holiday, it will be more than likely that you will be granted a standard holiday visa, but if you are working or volunteering abroad your circumstances will undoubtedly change.

Working visas will require to you apply at the local embassy of the country you intend visiting. The application processing time will depend on varying factors, such as your ability to provide clear information, the amount of applications and the type of work you will be carrying out. Visitors under the age of 18 who are travelling without parents will also have to provide different documentary evidence. Again this will depend on the country in question.

For countries like Australia where there is a high influx of holiday workers you can apply for a work visa online. But it is always recommended to research the necessary visa requirement for the country you are considering visiting before you make any travel plans. The decision will be made by the immigration officer once you arrive in the country, so even if you are granted a visa it does not necessarily mean you will be allowed access to the country. This is usually decided by the immigration officer at the border.

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