Business class travel deals to Europe

Travelling business class can be a great way to start or finish your cruise, or even better if you can do it both ways to your European port of embarkation. It’s perfectly possible to drive to a port if you want to spend some time exploring a country or two en route, but air or rail travel, if you’re pushed for time, can be fast and cheaper than you think.

When you’re looking for cruise deals plan how you’re going to get to where you need to be and how you’re going to get back. If you can plan well in advance for European river cruises you can make serious savings on your outbound and inbound travel costs. Going business class by air or rail – rail will normally be first class but there are business class options available – doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, so when you explore business class fares to Europe there are plenty of opportunities to pick up good deals

Whether you’re heading for one of the best European river cruises or want a Mediterranean cruise from a port on mainland Europe, there are many choices to research before you decide on your ideal cruising experience. If you’ve never taken a cruise before then take a few days to get a feel for what’s involved on a river cruise down the Danube or the Rhine, or get a feel for France or Holland on their waterways.

Alternatively, you could sail around the Mediterranean, visiting some of the great cities and sights from a rich historical and cultural past as well as experiencing the vibrant modern cultures that these cities also offer.

So how can you find good business class travel deals? The secret is in knowing where to look and what your best options may be. For airfares, it’s probably easier to find business class tickets that are for long distance flights with major carriers that are flagships for their country. Think British Airways, Lufthansa, Iberia and KLM as examples. But you may also be able to find good business class deals on the shorter haul European flights, though again it’s the flagship carriers you would need to look to. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet give you pretty much what you would expect – flights with absolutely no frills.

If you’re not a fan of hanging around airports and going through the strict security that they all have, often with too few lanes open making you wonder if you’re actually going to make your flight, then maybe try letting the train take the strain. Despite the sometimes chaotic nature of internal rail travel in the UK, once you get on a Eurostar from London to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, travel seems a whole lot easier and more relaxed.

You can easily access all major European cities from these rail hubs and when you travel business class you’ll find that you’ll have large and comfortable seats with generous legroom, and in some cases, you’ll get complimentary meals and drinks, though if not you can buy what you want. You will also get complimentary newspapers and a power socket at your seat as well as access to business lounges where they are available.

Taking the hassle out of travel is what most people want so when you’re planning that cruise from a European port you can ease your way into your holiday with some business class travel.

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