Vocational Training – Animal Care

If you are you lucky enough to have some vocational qualifications offered as part of the year 9 options choices, you might find that there is a course to interest you. The vocational courses are designed to appeal to students that may find conventional methods of teaching hard, preferring to learn in a hands-on way. They are also more ‘job’ based, and therefore give you skills that can instantly be taken out into the world of work when you have finished school.

One of the possible courses for the school to offer is Animal Care, which would be an excellent choice for anyone seeking to progress on to veterinary college, those wanting to be a veterinary nurse, and those wishing to work in any other Animal Care role, such as re-homing and animal rescue.

The course will need a link to animals to give a real life appeal. There are many teaching veterinary practices around, and some colleges have small animal type set ups to allow Animal Care to be taught at a wide range of levels. You will have to learn the best and safest ways to handle different animals, and learn about what you need to provide each type of animal with to care for it properly. This will include aspects of learning to feed the animal, keep it clean, provide it with the appropriate exercise and play, and learn about basic animal first aid should anything untoward happen to it.

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