Voluntary Work

You’re busy studying at school and you have a healthy social life, then someone mentions voluntary work: are they completely mad, Why would you give up your time to work for someone and not get paid, Surely that can’t be a sensible thing to do with your free time, can it,

The answer surprisingly could actually be yes. There is genuinely more than one reason why you may consider doing voluntary work. Firstly, you could volunteer if you are unable to find a Saturday job. There are far more teenagers looking for Saturday work than there are jobs. Voluntary work is a good alternative, and will enable you to hold you head up high and apply for the few Saturday jobs that come up with a real advantage; you have the beginnings of a CV, and suddenly you stand head and shoulders above the pile of application from teenagers who have never worked before.

You will also be gaining valuable life and work skills. Whether you volunteer at an old peoples home, work at an animal rescue centre of help out in a local shop, you will be learning massive amounts about what it is like to have a job. Better still volunteer somewhere that you think you may want to work when you have left school and you will get real insight as to whether this is the job for you or whether it isn’t what you expected. You then have to re-think your career choice again.

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