Walking Safety Tips

Walking is the easiest form of exercise, which offers great health benefits. However, thousands of people met death due to traffic-related injuries; therefore, it is important for both children and adults to watch out for their safety when they are walking. Here are some simple tips to follow for safety walking.

Find a partner who can walk with you outside and make your time much more enjoyable. Remember that there is always safety in numbers, so if you are to walk alone, choose a place where there are many people and tell the route you will take to somebody, as well as the time that you expect to return. Walk during daylight hours, but if it is not possible and you will walk in the evening or early in the morning, choose reflective gear or wear any light coloured clothing. You will be more visible to oncoming traffic wearing warm up outfit and walking shoes with reflective materials. If possible, also try walking on well-lit streets and avoid deserted areas. Always walk against the traffic to be aware of any risk of danger, especially if there is no sidewalk or pathway. Remember to trust your instinct and be willing to take a different route if you feel like you are in danger. Varying your route also offers a more interesting experience with different surroundings. Do not forget to leave your jewellery at home, and just ignore verbal harassments while walking.

Most importantly, always bring any form of personal identification in case of an accident or other emergency.

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