Wedding Gloves—Where Do I Put the Ring,

Wedding gloves, just like wedding veils and dresses, come in all lengths, each designed to coordinate with a specific type of gown. They can be found in silk, satin, and even intricately tatted lace. The tradition of wedding gloves began back in Victorian times and they are just as popular today.

After you have selected your dress, find the gloves to match. A short sleeve dress does best with wrist-length gloves. Cap sleeved gowns work with elbow-length and strapless gowns are best with elegant over-the-elbow gloves. It is not fashionable to wear gloves with a long-sleeved gown. It is often impractical as well since, sometimes, the sleeves are cut so they cover the hand and are fastened around a finger or two. Also, if you are of less than average height, over the elbow gloves will do nothing for you.

Gloves are usually left off during the reception, dinner and whilst you are in the receiving line, but they should be a part of the formal photos and the ceremony.

About now, are you wondering how to get the ring on without taking your glove off, One age old trick is to take apart one of the glove’s seams on the ring finger. Make the opening large enough that you can slip your ring finger through the side. You might want to practice this before the ceremony. After the ring is on your finger, just wiggle it back inside the glove. No one will ever know.


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