What is Flat Knitting,

Knitting is a process in which a yarn or a thread is used to form a cloth. One of the types of knitting is called flat knitting wherein it is used to produce flat and rectangular pieces of material.

Flat knitting is a procedure for developing knitted fabrics, wherein the work is moved around sporadically; in other words, the material is knitted from the alternate sides. It is commonly used in knitting flat pieces such as blankets, afghans, scarves, and the fronts and backs of sweaters.

In the flat knitting process, there are two sides of the textile, the wrong side/face and the right side/face. The wrong side is the part that faces inwardly, towards the body of the wearer and away from the observer while the right side is the part that faces outwardly, away from the body of the user and towards the observer. It is normally contrasted and a bit complex with circular knitting, wherein the material is knitted on identical sides. By employing two stitches that are different from one another, both sides have their own distinctive feel and look. For instance, a purl stitch is applied on the wrong side while a knit stitch is applied on the right side. This helps to generate a pattern on the two sides that makes it more interesting and complicated than can be accomplished with an easy circular stitch model.

Flat knitting can be carried out by hand or with the assistance of a knitting machine. This machine is extremely flexible, providing shaped knitting, complex stitch patterns, and accurate width adjustment.

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