Work Experience – School Based

At some stage during years 10 or 11 you will have the chance to spend a week in the ‘real world’ on work experience. This could be an ideal chance for you to try out a career that has caught your eye to see if it turns out to be what you thought. It is also a chance to experience the routine of the working world.

Normally you will need to discuss with the teacher where you want to go, and, if you are in a fairly small town, ensure that no one else has picked the same place. Then you will need to write to the company and ask if they are willing to take you on for the week.

You will find that most companies in the local area are familiar with work experience, but the school will be able to provide them with any extra information. When on work experience you are to be treated like an employee – within reason. You will carry out duties that are within your capability, and spend some time observing things you can’t do for safety reasons or because you don’t have the relevant skills.

Your teacher will visit you at work one day, and you will be required to keep a diary of your work. If this is a job you enjoy and see yourself doing in the future then you may also want to take notes, ask plenty of questions and take the opportunity to learn as much as you can for future reference.

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