Writing in General

Some people find writing to be fun. Writing is thought to make a person smarter because whenever ideas come rushing into the writer’s mind, he or she automatically writes them down, producing a composition, which can be shared with anyone.

There are number of ways to write a short story. The first thing to do is to create a simple plot and then write scenes that are related to the plot. Try to write in a prose form or use a scriptwriting format. Scriptwriting is writing scripts for plays on stage or for television. Create two or more interesting characters and include active and meaningful discussions.

There are tips for writing a novel, short story, and articles. Generally, if you are a new writer, start writing as many phrases as you can as long as the ideas keep on popping up. After a while, stop and wait for a few moments. Review what you have written and revise some parts of it by deleting the words that are not appropriate. Take a rest and return to what you are writing. While taking a break, try to review what you have written. This way, the flow of ideas in your mind will be refreshed, and you will be able to follow up what to write next and so you can finish it.

The style and ability of someone to write reflects his artistic and imaginative mind.

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