Yoga Types and Styles (Bikram)

Bikram Yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury as a new form of yoga with 26 series of Asana postures, followed by two Kapalabhati breathing exercises. It is done normally in a heated room temperature of 100 degrees to easily stretch the muscles and encourage sweating. The body’s purpose of sweating is to prevent overheating as perspiration serves as a cooling mechanism. This kind of yoga is performed in the presence of a teacher for ninety minutes.

Based on her own experience as a Bikram Yoga teacher, this type of yoga provides different results for each of its doers. According to her, Bikram Yoga works for other people, but it definitely doesn’t work for everybody. The presumption of Bikram’s harmful effects threatened some of her students and they made their decision to quit. However, according to her, Bikram provides positive results for those who enjoy and continue doing it. Personally, she has been in good mind and shape during her fifteen years of doing Bikram yoga.

Another Bikram Yoga doer also recommends it as the best way to lose weight. She even stressed that it is highly suggested for those who are currently overweight. Bikram claims that it helps in body detoxification, flexibility enhancement, and metabolism improvement. She enjoys Bikram yoga specifically because it does not just burn calories, it also improves strength.

Any type of yoga will not work if the doer does not understand the real essence of yoga. Yoga was developed to provide mental and physical well being. The success of yoga lies on one’s great passion and desire to achieve individual wellness.

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