Youth Achievement Awards – An Overview

The Youth Achievement Awards were founded in 1997 and are similar in their aims and objectives to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. They are designed to get young people active and discovering new skills through peer based learning. The young people involved have a series of challenges to complete and the timescales depend on the level of the award that you are undertaking. To begin the programme you must be at least 11 years old and you work from the bottom up to achieve the highest level award, the platinum award, when you reach the age of 16 and over. The awards are based around physical activities that are not only excellent fun, but which will also challenge you to try new things and learn new skills.

These awards are an excellent contribution to your CV, as it shows that you have spent time learning core skills, such as learning to work as part of a team and how to interact with people you work with. They also show that you know how to decide who does a particular part of the task and can communicate effectively with others, while ensuring that everyone has a right to be heard and is listened too. While you may not realise it at the time, these are excellent life skills that you will be able to use in the world of work, so by adding these awards to your CV you will give yourself a real boost over other candidates when applying for a job.

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