A stag night or a stag weekend,

The decision to go for one night or a few days will greatly affect the arrangements for the stag party. The option chosen is normally dictated by many factors such as money and time.

If you decide that a single stag night is the right choice then getting all the details right becomes that little bit more important. A wrong choice of activity or venue and the whole night could be a bit of a let down. As a practical step you should make a list of all the activities and venues the groom enjoys and stick with these. You only have one night so by doing everything the groom likes is a safe bet that at least he will enjoy himself.

If you decide to turn the night into a weekend then the nature of the stag party changes completely. Again you should consider what the groom likes, but this could be a good chance to do something that none of the group has ever done before and should be seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Providing everyone in the group can make the dates and has the money to come along, so long as you ensure the stag weekend involves plenty of clubs and bars to round off any activities that have been tried during the day, the event should go well.

Whether your stag party is an all-day or all-weekend event, ensure that there is something to do and somewhere to go and the rest is easy.

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