Beat the price of dental implants

Despite becoming hugely popular, the price of dental implants remains very high. In part, this is because people are willing to pay more for synthetic teeth which look natural and function just like the real thing. Another factor is reliability, implants can last a lifetime with the right care and will rarely cause any health problems, they have even proved to be a safe procedure for those receiving treatment for type 2 diabetes. If you are interested but the treatment seems prohibitively expensive, you can find more affordable dental implants in the following ways.

Consulting with your current dentist could be a good starting point. Speak to them about your plans for the procedure and discuss the kind of costs you could expect. If you are a regular patient, there may be room for negotiation, but even if that isn’t possible, they could have a payment plan to make the charges more manageable. When your clinic is unable to help with discounts or financial packages, it is time to move on. There is no point in staying loyal if you aren’t able to get the service you need, so get in contact with other local surgeries or ones further afield, to see what they can offer.

It is sometimes the case that a cosmetic dental clinic, rather than a regular practice, is more willing to accommodate patients who need extra time to pay. They know that their treatments are expensive and it’s far easier to attract clients when a degree of flexibility is provided. By searching online for ‘dental implants near me’ you’ll find dentists that work exclusively on implant surgery. Browse their sites to look for deals, then get in touch if something catches your eye. As specialists buy materials in bulk, their expenditure is lower and these savings are often reflected in their price structure.

The U.S has over 1000 teaching hospitals and in each of them medical students treat patients under supervision. Schools of dentistry charge patients around 50% less for their implants than they would have to pay usually. Learning how to fit dental implants is a vital part of student training, and as they complete more procedures, the cases they take on become increasingly complex. So even if you have been told you need specialist work, a dental school can still be a viable option. If you chose this route, schools are only open during normal working hours and you will not be able to schedule appointments outside of those times. Moreover, as you will be a new patient and your main dentist is still a trainee, you are likely to spend far more hours in a university chair than you would in that of a private clinic.

For one dental implant to properly fuse to the jawbone and heal, it can take up to six months. This means you do not have to focus on getting all the work completed at the same time. If you can only afford one or two steps, then get those done before moving on. Some people have their teeth extracted first, then go back to have the implants fitted, then have the veneers secured to them at a later date. By paying for each phase separately, you can budget for the best dental implants. The dentist can make you a denture to wear until the process is complete, so you will never be without teeth.

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