Brilliant hacks for small kitchen design

Your kitchen is always going to be the busiest space in your home; however, that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be the roomiest! Clever kitchen aficionados out there know how to make the most of the tightest of spaces. Here are some brilliant hacks for small kitchen design you can put into practice.

Organize everything

By ‘organize’, we don’t mean stack everything up in a muddle of pots and pans. Think smarter about how you stack and shelve your essential cookware. Install wall hooks, for example, for pans, spatulas, mashers and fish slices. Set up a double-decker plate drainer to dry more at once. A small kitchen demands you make more out of having less. Be creative about what you use for storage. Recycle storage from elsewhere in the home wherever you can.

Are you using your walls?

Focusing on the idea of wall hooks, are you actually using your walls enough? Fair enough, you may have a window, and you might have a couple of wall cupboards, but bare, empty wall spaces are begging to be used for storage and organization. Shelving, hangers, cabinets, and bars will allow you to make use of that otherwise wasted space. Get all of your most frequently used items up on the wall for ease of access, freeing up space elsewhere for less important items.

Uniformity is key

The less uniform your storage, the more space it will take up. One of the best hacks for small kitchen design is to simply do away with all of your existing Tupperware and storage jars and to replace them with uniform alternatives. Don’t be afraid! Think about your current container situation. You’ve got a big, bulky cake tin, some weird oblong plastic boxes, and jars which won’t stack. Make the switch to storage which stacks easily and slides into place. Again, it’s all about making the most of what little space you have available.

Don’t forget your doors

If you have space on the inside of your kitchen door, you’re going to want to use it. One of the best small kitchen hacks around is to invest in a door hanger or two. These are hung over the backs of your doors and will allow you to store smaller items and even foodstuffs in pockets. It’s a twist on the wall space tip we’ve shared with you above. Make use of those empty, vertical spaces!

Get creative

All in all, working with – and in – a small kitchen means you’re going to need to think outside of the box. Be economical with space. Use vertical surfaces to the absolute maximum, and don’t be afraid to install shelves or cabinets. Keep your workspaces as clear as possible for that all-important elbowroom, too. Ultimately, you’re going to want to keep your utensils up and out of the way – as a small kitchen is going to need as many horizontal surfaces as possible.

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