8 simple design tricks to make your small kitchen appear larger

Plenty of us struggle with small kitchens. But we really don’t have to! Even if your kitchen is tiny, there are some great ways you can really open up a very basic amount of space. Here are some of our favorite design tricks to make your small kitchen seem bigger – which you can put into action with minimal expense of money and effort!

Float your shelves

It’s tempting to lead with cabinets for maximum storage, but these can help to really clutter up a kitchen. Spacious floating shelves have no visible brackets, which means there’s less to crowd the eye when you’re looking at them face-on. What’s more, you can probably fit more shelves in per wall, too.

Shrink the sink

You’d be surprised at how common double sinks actually are. But do you actually need one? A simple, singular sink unit will offer you everything you need. What’s more, it’ll free up much-needed elbowroom and working space elsewhere.

Paint it white

If you’re already into color theory, you probably know that white is your friend when it comes to creating a sense of space. White is a bright, efficient color which gives a real sense of open-plan design. Used cunningly with natural light from a nearby window, you’ll be able to create an incredible, almost illusory effect.

Put clutter away

Where possible, make the most of any cupboards or cabinets you’re having installed. Try and keep your workspaces clear of pots, pans, and utensils. Install deep drawers and be smart about using vertical surfaces. While vertical hanging is a fantastic space-saving hack, too much could really clutter things up. Take it nice and slow.

Go light on light fixtures

Yes, all kitchens need light, however, do you really need bulky, awkward, hanging lanterns and fixtures? Opt for flush lighting design. Spotlights and LEDs built into ceilings and cabinets will keep you well-lit without fixtures getting in the way of your aesthetic.

Compact your appliances

You don’t have to install a bulky washing machine or refrigerator these days. Of course, your needs may vary, but you’ll find plenty of compact white goods available from various retailers. Obviously, the smaller your units are, the more space you are going to have elsewhere. Items such as dryers and dishwashers don’t need much room to still do their job.

Mirror, mirror

Finally, you’ve probably heard this one before – mirrors really do create a whole new feeling of space. This goes for any room in your home, but you can also put them to fantastic use in your kitchen. Install them on cabinets and hang them on bare walls to really maximize that roomy feel.

Focus on space creation

The best advice we can give you is to think about creating space as soon as possible! If you’re in the process of building a new kitchen, or redesigning your existing space, start thinking about how you can put these genius design tricks into practice.

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