Cleaning Pet Birds

Birds have to keep themselves very clean in order to be able to fly. A dirty bird is a clear sign that your pet is sick and needs the attention of a vet. On the other hand, a bird that constantly preens every waking moment can rip out its feathers and also needs the attention of a vet.

Normal Bathing

Pet birds are like small children in that they really enjoy a good splash in a bath. It’s not only fun, but it gets them clean. Birds do not instinctively know how to bathe. This is something they need to learn. If you put a basin of bath water down for your new pet bird and they haven’t a clue what to do, then chances are it never had a bath in its life.

Only offer a lukewarm bath during warm weather and at the warmest parts of the day or inside well-heated rooms. You do not need to use any shampoos. The bird will only take a few quick dips, so the feathers are not weighed down with water.

Bathing Alternatives

Some birds like to be misted instead of taking a bath. This is when you gently spray them with lukewarm water. Not all birds like being misted. Be sure the spray bottle you use is brand new and hasn’t had any cleaners in it.

Some birds like to hop in the shower with their owners. They stay out of the water stream but hover around in the spray.

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