Creative Writing Blog: Writing a Novel (manuscript format)

In preparing manuscripts for publication, the editor’s opinion about it should definitely be considered. The printed manuscript should be easy on the eyes and allow room for the editor to proofread. Otherwise, the manuscript may be rejected even before the editor reads the first page. Make sure the manuscript is printed on good quality paper of the right size and substance weight. The words should be as clear as possible. If possible, print your manuscript using a laser printer. The choice of font and font size is also important. Using Times in font size 14 makes the manuscript legible and readable, and makes reading pleasurable.

Margins should be at least an inch on all sides. Left and right margins may measure 1 ½ inch. The text should be in double space with a hanging indent of one inch at the start of every paragraph. Proper spacing is very important and the writer should make sure that the manuscript follows the standard publication printing requirements. Make reading the manuscript easy by completing each paragraph on the same page. Putting a page number on the upper corners is sufficient to identify each page.

In sending the manuscript to the publisher, do not bind the manuscript. Place the loose leaves in a manuscript box and enclose a disc copy if the publisher requires one. Have extra copies in case the manuscript gets lost in the mail. It is wise to always keep a hard copy of the manuscript and an electronic file on disc.

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