Education Maintenance Allowance

Whatever type of job you want, it is important that you consider taking further education to get the qualifications that you will need in the future. The government has recognised that some young people cannot afford to carry on studying, so they have offered an incentive to encourage young people to carry on with their education.

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a payment made to young people to encourage them to carry on learning when they finish school.

If you are aged 16,17 or 18 and you are due to leave compulsory education then you are able to apply for the grant of up to £30 per week.

The money can be used from anything, such as travel, books or learning equipment, and it is paid directly into your own bank account. Receiving the EMA will not affect any other benefits that your household is getting.
You will only receive the money if you regularly attend your course, and the amount you receive is calculated through your household income. Check out the government EMA website where you are able to calculate what you might get:
Also, if you have a part-time job this will not influence how much EMA you are entitled to.

If your course is a full-time further education course at a college or school, a Learning Skills Council-funded Diploma leading to an Apprenticeship, or a Learning Skills Council-funded Entry to Employment course then you may be eligible for the EMA also.

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