Funny Animal Poem: The Card Sharps

A poem is a piece of writing expressing feelings or thoughts. It commonly includes the use of symbolism and irony. It usually consists of verses that may or may not rhyme. Poems that are written for children are more likely to contain shorter verses and rhyme. Poems for children may be read at a faster rate. The use of a consonant at the start of a stressed syllable in a certain line of verse may be more apparent in children poems.

Some funny poems feature animals in order to express the ideas or emotions of the author. For example, “a leopard and a cheetah were playing cards in a shady glade. Everyone though the cheetah was cheating. ‘Like name, like nature’, they said. But the cheetah was never spotted (though the leopard most certainly was).” These lines are from the short poem entitled ‘The Card Sharps,’ written by Patrick Winstanley. This is typical of a funny animal poem for children where the humour is brought forth by a pair of puns.

A pun is a word that has one or more meanings, or different words that have different meanings which have the same sound. The 1st pun centres on the cheetah, which sounds like ‘cheater’, someone who leads others to believe something that is not true. The 2nd pun revolves around the leopard, and the two meanings of spotted. This is because the leopard is a spotted animal. Leopards are large feline of Asian of African forests that usually have a tawny coat with black spots.

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