How to Knit

Knitting involves a series of threads that are knotted together in order to form a distinctive pattern, which are then turned into clothing material or type of decoration. The art can be traced back to Europe where it was started, and can create a great accomplishment for you. Here are some steps on how to manage knitting.

1. Have a pattern to knit– by having a pattern it’s more likely to be easier for you to create the design into a beautiful product.

2. Keep a simple pattern– When learning how to knit it is better to choose something that requires less effort and has an easier format design, so that you won’t encounter many troubles in the middle of your project. Some of the easier patterns for beginners are the baby blanket, or a simple scarf as a pattern trial.

3. Choose the best colour– by carefully choosing the best yarn colour for your knitting pattern, you will be more likely to enjoy and have a unique way of enhancing your design.

4. Assure safe knitting needles– for beginners, size 10 needles or larger are recommendable; be sure to have a different colour of knitting needles so that it will not create confusion on the style and pattern in knitting your layouts.

5. Secure other needed materials– other materials are also needed in knitting like scissors, point protectors, yarn needle, tape measure, crochet hook and stitch holder and markers.

6. Fabric-line basket– a lined fabric basket or cloth tote is needed to centralise an easy and fast way of knitting, preventing the hassle of forgetting the different materials needed when knitting.