How to persuade the groom that he wants a stag party.

This may sound strange, but some guys simply do not want a stag party. The excuses given for not wanting one are many and range from not having any money to not “really fancying it.” The chances are that none of these are true, and the only reason for not wanting a stag party is that his future bride will not let him have one.

Should this be the case, you should talk calmly and rationally with your friend about his life. In actuality, this is not just about the stag party, but his future. If he is not prepared to stand his ground over a stag party, how can he possibly stand his ground over the difficulties that all couples encounter through the course of their lives together, Not to mention the fact that stag parties are at the very least a great night out and all the groom’s friends want to give him a good send off.

If you have tried reason and your friend still won’t budge, then you could get serious and talk to his future bride. This is risky as the reasons she won’t let him have a stag party can run deep, right back to childhood, so tread with caution. If the marriage is successful, you do not want to create ill feeling and be written off the BBQ invitee list, so when you approach her do it with kid gloves and humour and point out the fact that you will look after him.

Whatever happens, you should impress upon your friend that it is his duty to have a stag party!

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