How to Start Doing Yoga

Making a decision whether you want to start doing yoga is the primary step. Here is some information that you will need to take the next step and start enjoying the benefits and pleasures of yoga.

First, pick a type of yoga. A little research is necessary on your part. A lot of yoga classes are out there so you have to select those which will suit your personality and state of physical fitness. Most beginners would find a hatha or vinyasa class to be appropriate, depending if the student wants a fast-paced or slow class. Then, find a class. Check your local alterative wellness magazine or newspapers or for “yoga” listings on the internet. Next, find out what to bring. Usually on the first day you are not required to bring much except some comfortable breathing clothes and yourself. Also, learn what to expect. In a typical yoga setting, the students lay their mats in front of the room. The students then start to sit in a cross-legged position while waiting for the class to do some exercise. The instructor may start class by leading the students in chanting “om” for three times. It will depend on the teacher. Some may have breathing exercises or a short meditation before the class starts. These are pursued by warm-up poses, the most dynamic exercises, and then stretch and conclude with a final relaxation. From time to time the instructor goes around each of his students in the final relaxation and gives them a massage. Most instructors end the class with another round of “oms.”

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