International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card is the most commonly used travel and discount card for students and can be used in countries right across the globe. Offering an incredible 40,000 discounts, it can save you money on anything from accommodation and flights to mp3 players, clothes and restaurants. The card also comes with medical and healthcare assistance that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another attractive offer that comes with the International Student Identity Card is the free mobile-phone sim card, included with a new application. When you top up £10 on the card you will have a number that can be used in almost every country to save you up to 70% on call charges.

The International Student Identity Card is only issued to students who are in full-time education, i.e. completing 15 or more hours in college per week. This includes universities, secondary schools, language schools and sixth form colleges. Even if you are planning a gap year abroad, you can still hold a card for that year, so long as you have a deferred or confirmed UCAS placement. The card is normally valid for a 12 month period.

For anyone who has already left school or doesn’t have a confirmed placement for after their gap year, the International Youth Travel Card will be available, and, although it won’t come with all the benefits of the student card, will still have 20,000 discounts on offer and can also be used across the globe.

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