International Youth Travel Card

The International Youth Travel Card will be indispensible on a gap year aboard. The card is able to be acquired by both students and people in full-time employment who are under the age of 25. Its benefits are not only limited to travel, as it can be used as a discount card in many top chain stores, hostels and hotels. There is said to be over 20,000 discounts on offer with the International Youth Travel Card and it is accepted in countries across the globe.

Applying for a card is easy, and many student travel centres and websites will allow you to apply for a card. All you need to do to prove your identity by providing a copy of your passport or driving licence. You must be under the age of 26 at the time of application, but it will still be valid for the following year. It takes roughly one week for an application to be processed and the card to be sent out in the post.

It will be important to carry your International Youth Travel Card at all times, especially if you have used it to reserve a hotel or a hostel, or if you have pre-booked flights. If you do not have your card when you go to check in or board your flight you may be refused access. All the discounts that are available with the card will have terms and conditions listed, most of which will state that your card must be presented.

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