YHA Card

If you are planning a multi-stop backpacking tour, a YHA card will be indispensible. The card costs £10, but can save you a substantial amount of money if you plan on booking hostels for different legs of your trip. Over 4,000 hostels across the globe are part of the Hostelling International Youth Hostels and will provide you with reliable, clean and safe accommodation for your getaway. Over 80 countries have a hostel that is part of the scheme. Both students and people in full time education, regardless of age, can apply for the card. However, people over 26 must pay an extra £5.50.

To be eligible for the YHA card, all you need to do is prove that you have been living in the UK or anywhere within the European Union for the last 12 months. When your application is complete the card will be valid a year after the month it has been issued. It normally takes five working days for the card to be sent out in the post. Some local attractions can also offer a discount for YHA card holders and a subscription to the YHA Triangle Magazine.

It is extremely important that you carry your YHA card whenever you are arriving at your hostel as they will be unable to give you a discount without it. It will be well worth your while seeing if you can use the card in the countries you are visiting, as saving a substantial amount of money may mean that you can extend your trip.

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