Morning After Pill

You feel that the contraceptive has failed or had unprotected sex and are worried about unwanted pregnancy then there are two options of emergency contraception that can be used to stop pregnancy. In both the cases the success rate is very high in pregnancy prevention provided action is taken soon after one had unprotected sex.
Intrauterine device also commonly known as copper IUD
The Morning after pill also called the emergency contraceptive pill
Use of emergency contraceptive pill
The pill should be taken as soon as possible and if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex can prevent pregnancy up to 95%. The percentage keeps on reducing as the time gap increases however it is effective if taken within three days of having unprotected sex though as a regular method for contraception this pill cannot be relied upon.

A Copper IUD which is also commonly known as loop or coil is made up of copper and plastic which works on the concept that it stops the fertilisation of the egg by stopping the sperm and not letting it reach the egg. A nurse or a doctor will fit it into the womb. The success rate is almost 100%.
Advantages of using Emergency contraception
The have a very high success rate provided they are used correctly. With 95% success rate of preventing pregnancy if taken within 24 hours the morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive pill is not known to have any long term or any serious side-effects.
Similarly success rate of copper IUD is also 99% and can be placed fitted as future method contraceptive or during next period removed. If the removal has been done at any other time, then seven days before removal of copper IUD use alternative contraception method.
For details of help centers you can meet your Doctor or visit family planning clinics.

Disadvantages of using Emergency Contraception
First and foremost they become less effective as you delay in taking them like chances of prevention of pregnancy is only 85% if used in the range of 24-48 hours and further reduced to just 58% if taken after 72 hours.
Some of the symptoms experienced after taking emergency contraception are
Pain in abdomen
Tenderness of the breast
Having headache
Feeling lethargic
Feeling dizzy
Feeling of nausea
These symptoms will be short lived and pass off quickly. Also the use of emergency contraceptive pills has not shown to cause any health problem of serious or any long term nature. A very small percentage of women might experience vomiting and if the vomiting occurs within two hours then there might be a possibility of the emergency pills not being effective and it is advised to consult the doctor, pharmacist or your nurse where one may require another emergency contraceptive pill or alternatively get copper IUD fitted however if the vomiting occurs after two hour, then the pill will have its effect as by that time it would have already entered the blood stream.
Use of Copper IUD has its own limitations like it is not advisable for women who are facing problems relating to their womb. In very few cases there is also a possibility of womb developing infection though treatable using antibiotic.
Further incorrect positioning of IUD may make it ineffective and there have also been cases where the womb has thrown out the IUD. In case one feels that the IUD is out of place a nurse or the doctor should be consulted.
Lastly Emergency contraceptive pills are more easily available than Copper IUD.

Neither the Copper IUD nor the Emergency contraceptive pill are successful in protecting against STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)

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