Emergency Contraceptives

The emergency contraceptive methods are used for preventing the woman from getting pregnant due to unprotected sex. The two emergency contraceptive methods are:

The use of emergency contraceptive pill which is also known as morning after pill
as well as
the use of copper intrauterine device

Emergency contraceptive pill

The emergency contraceptive pill in normally taken within seventy-two hours of having unprotected sex. But if one takes it within twenty-four hours after having unprotected sex, chances of the woman will not be pregnant is higher, about 95 percent.

But the emergency contraceptive pill should not be used as the regular contraception method.

Copper intrauterine device

Copper intrauterine device is a little copper and plastic device fitted into the womb of a woman that is normally done within 5 days of the woman who had unprotected sex. The sperm is prevented from fertilising the egg.

Advantages of using emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are effective to a great extent if they are used in the correct way.

Emergency contraceptive pill

In general cases, the emergency contraceptive pills must be taken within seventy two hours of having unprotected sex. But for a higher efficiency, the pill can be taken within twenty four hours. In such cases where the woman takes the pill within twenty four hours, she will not be pregnant ninety five percent of the times.

There are no long term side effects or any harmful side effects that are associated with the use of emergency contraceptive pills.

Copper intrauterine devices

Copper intrauterine devices have proved to be successful in ninety nine percent of the cases.

Copper intrauterine devices can be used as permanent method of contraception. One can remove the Copper intrauterine device when she incurs her next periods also. The Copper intrauterine device can be remove at any point of time, but the woman should have taken an alternative to Copper intrauterine device before the Copper intrauterine device is removed,

Disadvantages of using emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptive pill

If the emergency contraceptive pills are taken within twenty four hours of having unprotected sex, then the chances of the prevention of pregnancy will be ninety five percent. But the chances decrease to eight five percent of the pill is used between twenty four and twenty eight hours. If the woman uses the emergency contraceptive pill between twenty eight and seventy two hours, the chances of the prevention of pregnancy falls down further to fifty eight percent.

Some of the symptoms which may be experienced by those who use the emergency contraceptive pill are:

  • dizziness
  • a vomitting sensation or nausea
  • tiredness or being lethargic
  • headaches
  • tenderness of the breast
  • pain in the abdomen.

The woman may vomit at times after she uses the emergency contraceptive pills. If she vomits after two hours of using the pill, then the contraception will work. But if she vomits before two hours, the contraception might not take place and the woman may get pregnant. In such cases, she night have to use a copper IUD or have an emergency contraceptive pill again.

Copper intrauterine devices

The use of copper IUDs can cause infections in certain cases. Antibiotics are prescribed for treating such infections.

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