Protective Clothing & Other Bee Keeping Supplies

Beekeeper Supplies

Bee keeping is a lively source of income for anyone, aside from the reality that it can be done at the comfort of one’s home. It also entails less capital as compared to other businesses as well as less effort. Amidst all these, there is one thing that every beekeeper should be prepared for and that is the sting of the bees which he may suffer. That is why there are many things that one should consider in beekeeping and one of them is the right kind of clothes that he must use for this business.

One thing that every beekeeper should be knowledgeable of is that bees are the first line of defence of every bee hive. He should be prepared to combat such creatures. It is recommended that for a beekeeper to be safe from the sting of the bees, he should wear the proper attire to protect him. For this, most novice bee keepers wear gloves and hooded suits for their protection. Experienced beekeepers choose not to wear gloves as it inhibits delicate manipulations.

For one’s proper protection, it is important to remember that the face and neck should be properly protected when beekeeping. It is also important to note that bees are cautious of pale colours as it is the colours of their predators, such as skunks, bears and others. It is recommended that one should wear bright colours.

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