Robin is one of the most famous birds of Europe. Its habitat is spread across much of Europe. It is one of Britain’s brightest coloured birds. The robin has dazzled many with its colourful feathers, it is widely popular. This bird is of a small stature. It has the size of a sparrow. The robin is famous for its bright orange breast and whitish belly. Due to this striking colouration this bird has caught the imagination of many. The diet of robin consists mainly of insects. It is found in almost all types of forest vegetation. The robin is an expert fly catcher with an excellent eye sight. Due to the popularity of the robin, many birds with bright colouration came to be named after the robin. The red breasted American robin in one such species. Although these two birds are unrelated the American red breasted bird was named after robin. The other most striking features of robin are that the male and female are of the same colouration. There are many different sub species of the robin. The robin found in Britain was long being called as the English robin to differentiate from the other species of robin. The different species of robins only have minute differences in colouration. These variations are mainly due to evolution and formation of resident population in mountains and islands. This bird is one of the good examples to show how resilient the animal kingdom. This bird is described as the old world insect eater. This bird is one of the longest surviving birds in the animal kingdom. Over the last few centuries the climate has changed a lot and atmospheric conditions has changed considerably. But this bird has survived all these centuries and in fact evolved and thrived despite the changes in temperature and increase in the amount of pollution. This bird is one the favourites of the tourists and the bird watchers alike. The vibrant colouring of this bird has made it popular. They always feature in the list of birds to see. They have impressed many with their beauty. This bird due to its beauty also has featured in the many of the myths. They are also often associated with good luck. To see a robin is considered as a sign of coming good times. The many birds which have the same colouring of that of the robin have been named after the robin. This shows the fondness the people have with robin. The bright colouring of the robin helps in its courtship rituals. The males flash their bright coloured feathers towards the females to impress them. There is fierce competition among the males to impress mate during the breeding season. The scientists are researching now to find if in future the changes in climate will affect the robins. It’s important that we preserve this wonderful species which stood the test of time and gives us an insight in to old times. The speciality of this bird is that it is millions of years old. This species of bird has been lived around for really long time. This shows their adaptability and resilience.

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