Schnauzer (Standard) – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Standard Schnauzer is one of the oldest breeds of dog around today. Their history can be traced back for at least 500 years. They were often depicted in the paintings of such great artists as Rembrandt and Sir Joshua Reynolds. Standard Schnauzers became such a beloved pet that they were used in the creation of two other Schnauzer breeds: Giant Schnauzers and Miniature Schnauzers. This way, pet owners could have a Schnauzer of their chosen size.

Originating from Germany, the Standard Schnauzer is a popular dog for many reasons. They can be used as a working dog because of their agility, stamina and strength. They can run for long distances and can fight if they need to. They also make a great family pet. They are very reliable and are easily trained. The Standard Schnauzer’s obedient nature helps them learn quickly and follow their master. They are devoted to their families and will protect them if they need to.

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The Standard Schnauzer reaches heights of 43 to 51 centimetres tall on average. They tend to weigh between 13 and 23 kilograms. Female Standard Schnauzers will have a bit smaller weight and height when compared to the males. This dog breed has a double coat that is dense and thick. This helps them stay warm in cold climates or when they get wet. Since they rarely shed and do not have a great deal of dander, the Standard Schnauzer is considered a good dog for people with allergies.

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