Stag Nights in Brighton

If the kiss-me-quick culture of many seaside towns is not for you, then Brighton could be the location to think about for the stag party. It is easy to get to from most places in the south of England and from the midlands and the north is close enough for a weekend.

Brighton has something spectacular for everyone, as far as nightlife is concerned, its bars and clubs catering for all musical tastes. As the restaurants and clubs are both popular and cutting edge, they also tend to be packed. This gives Brighton nights just the buzz you need for a successful stag party, which in turn makes them nights to remember. There is the added bonus of being a coastal town, so midnight swims, which seem to be popular on stag weekends, are always an option.

Activities too are plentiful and as well as the typical shooting, driving and golf based events, there are also those that are a little unusual, like sea fishing.

Brighton is a good choice and comes into its own if you are looking for something different from the tackiness that many costal towns seem to breed. Brighton also has some well-known branded restaurants, as well as independently owned ones, so finding somewhere to eat is never going to be a problem. Like many great places in Britain, Brighton has a fine selection of Indian restaurants.

When deciding on a destination for your stag party, you could do a lot worse than Brighton.

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