A Stag Weekend in Bournemouth

Though Bournemouth has a reputation for being a seaside town for the older generation, in recent years it has undergone something of a makeover and has been reborn as a worthy rival to Brighton and other traditionally fashionable and fun coastal towns.

Not only does Bournemouth offer a good range of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, which are the meat and drink of a good stag weekend, but it also has a good range of daytime activities on offer.

Paintball, off-road driving, quad biking and go-karting are all available and if your stag party falls in the summer months, then there are lots of music festivals and events going on in the area, that are well worth attending during the weekend. For example, in September this year there is a Harley Davidson rally.

As well as the activities and the exuberant nightlife, Bournemouth also has seven miles of amazing beaches. This makes midnight swims an option for the bold, though should be avoided if you have had a little too much to drink. The great thing about having a beach at your stag location is that it is a great place to relax or go wild, in equal measure and to enjoy beach games such as volleyball.

While Brighton is probably the pick of the bunch for south coast locations for stag weekends, Bournemouth is snapping at is heels and its recent makeover has made it a worthy contender as one of the best south coast stag party locations.

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