Stag Weekends in Barcelona

As one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in the world, Barcelona has plenty to offer anyone looking for a stag weekend to remember. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it offers all the amazing, diverse nightlife that every major city offers, plus the chance to try some superb activities, such as water skiing, sailing and hot air ballooning.

This is all set to a backdrop of amazing buildings and history, so if your stag party attendees wish to, they can increase their understanding of Spanish culture and move away from paella to Gaudi’s gothic architecture.

As with many stag party weekends in Europe, attending a local football match can be arranged and tickets can be purchased to see Barcelona FC, one of the most famous and renowned teams in the world. This could be a great way to kick off a memorable day of stag partying.

The usual collection of activities such as shooting, paintball, rafting and off-road driving, are also there to be enjoyed, so you should never be short of activities to choose from.

Barcelona is simply a magnificent city to visit in its own right and for a stag weekend it has plenty more to offer. You may find that even four days will not be long enough to do and see everything.

If you are lucky, your next friend that gets married will want to go to Barcelona too. If you are unlucky, he will want to do exactly the same things as you did last time you were there.

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