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No matter how much an old mattress is loved, once it’s become tired and uncomfortable, it’s probably not doing the job it was bought for – to provide a restful, supportive place to sleep and replenish. People spend about a third of their lives on them and in an average 8-year span of a regular mattress about 20,761 hours with them. Therefore, the time will inevitably arrive when a new mattress needs to be brought in – but what things need to be considered before making a decision, and is it better to buy in a store or online?

In this article we’ll look at what kinds of mattress are around, what to think about when buying a new one, and how to get the best mattress online.

How people feel is often affected by how well they sleep as its so important in helping the body to function properly. Having the best mattress enables people to wake up every morning without the aches and pains that could be caused by an older, less effective model. Sleeping helps the body rebuild by allowing it to develop muscle tissue and regenerate cells, so the better the quality of it, the more healthy we feel. Obvious signs that a mattress is past its best are dips in the middle, visible springs, and creaking and pinging when its being slept on. It will also have accumulated germs and allergens over the years as well as dead skin cells, mites, oil and perspiration. As our bodies change, such as losing or gaining weight, our mattress requirements change too.

When looking for the best mattresses online doing the research is very important in order to get the right one and a competitive price. Ensuring we get the right size is one thing to consider – a mattress should be approximately 10 cm or more longer than the tallest individual who will be sleeping on it, and its width should allow a person to put both their hands under their head without their elbows touching the person next to them or the edge of the bed. There are several sizes from a Twin, or Single which is 38 inches by 75 inches, a Twin LX which is approximately 5 inches longer and then the Full, or Double which is 53 inches by 75. Next is the Queen at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, and then the King which is 76 inches by 80 inches.

Then there is the decision on what kind of material the mattress should be manufactured from. Memory foam mattresses tend to mould to people’s body shapes and are therefore helpful for those with back pain as they can help keep the spine in the right position. Pocket spring mattresses are made of individual springs in their own pockets and can help support the body and prevent partners rolling in together. There are also ones made of latex which are generally more expensive but seen as resilient and good at keeping their shape.

One way of getting the best mattress online is to go into a store to test some out then search the internet for suitable bargains. However, that’s not always possible, so many people do a lot of research and then buy theirs through websites. There is also a new kind of sales model known as mattress-in-a-box which is lower cost and also very convenient, allowing the buyer to test them out for certain amount of time, and if they are not satisfied, they can be returned. These mattresses are compressed and rolled, folded or both and vacuum packed, then delivered to the customer’s door. Some vendors also set up the mattress once its opened and take the old one away too. Things that need to be checked are the length of the trial period and that the mattress is made of certified materials and have certificates such as CertiPUR-US or Green Guard.

Other things to think about whether buying online in the traditional way or a mattress in a box, are what the delivery costs are and what the guarantee period is.

A mattress is an important investment, even though its tucked away and covered by sheets, duvets cushions and attractive bedding. Its an item that will make a big difference to our general wellbeing and we owe it to ourselves to get the best, whether purchasing it from a traditional store or via the internet. Checking information out before we do anything is the most sensible way to buy.

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