The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

If you are one of those who love a good adventure flick with all the elements of romance and thrill thrown in, then The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is just what you will like. This entertaining film makes for great watching with your family or even by yourself!

The movie is an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s favourite Chronicle of Narnia series and tells the adventurous tale of four Pevensie children who are yet again taken from the post World War II period of England into the kingdom of Narnia.

The twist in the tale comes when the Pevensies realize that a good 1,300 years have swept by since they left and the world is at present under the control of the Telmarines- human beings who had displaced the magical beings of Narnia into the wild world. When Caspian, played by Ben Barnes, the heir to the Telmarine kingdom, narrowly escapes a murderous attempt on his life by his notorious uncle Miraz, played by Sergio Castellitto, the brave lad bumps into Narnia’s exiled and exotic people and decides to set them free with the help of the four siblings.

Director Andrew Adamson has succeeded at presenting an adventurous film that impresses with a series of exciting battle scenes. A truly engaging sequence to the earlier version, this Narnian adventure is delightful and promises to be a thorough entertainer.

I especially loved the supporting cast and voices lent by many well-known professionals such as the popular comedian Eddie Izzard as the voice of the smart mouse, Reepicheep.

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