The Rook

              The Rook is one of the most resilient birds in the world. They are very quick to adapt to the changing conditions and climate. They are able to thrive even in harsh conditions. These birds are spread throughout the central and northern Europe. Due to their adaptability they are also found in parts of Asia. These birds are versatile, they are not picky eaters. They can make do with anything. They are partly scavengers; sometimes these birds do hunt for small mammals. During hard times when food is scarce they also eat insects, worms. These birds have keen senses and sharp claws. These come in good use when foraging for food. They put their strong sharp beaks for use while hunting. These are social birds; they can be seen in small flocks. These birds are clever enough to send vocal signals. Their voice is similar to a crow. They repeatedly caw to send signals to other birds. These birds have extensive courtship rituals. They build nests usually at the very tops of the trees. They are very caring, of their young ones. Both sexes take part in incubation of the egg. About half a dozen eggs are laid. Only half of these eggs survive. The hatchlings are taken care of for 5 weeks. Both male and female birds take part in caring for the young ones. Annually the young males flock to gather and caw to impress a mate to breed. For some reason birds are believed to posses special sensing powers. It is said that these birds can sense when something bad is going to happen. The ability of this bird to adapt is key for the success of this species. The rook is the most resilient birds. It has the sharp claws and the strong beak for hunting and finding food. But the most valuable tool this bird has is its brain. It is one of the most intelligent birds. They have evolved to such an extent that they are able to send signals and communicate to the other birds. This sort of evolution has led to this bird being successful as a species. They are incredible survivors. They can eat and survive on anything. Their diet does not have any fixed items. They are adaptable to any kind of food according to the availability. This bird has thrived due to the fact that it is a survivor. The change in the climatic conditions and the change in the atmospheric compositions have not affected this species. Its resilience has led to its growth in population. The rook also has featured in many of the myth and stories. Sometimes the rook is seen as a good luck charm. This bird is often confused with the common crow. The crow and the rook are of the same colour and built. But the rook’s call is much flatter than that of the crow. The rook and the crow have a lot in common. They are survivors; they can live in the urban areas and in the forests. This shows their adaptability. In some parts of the world the rook has grown a lot in number thus causing a confrontation with the human population. They attack the farms causing damage to the farms. So they are considered as pests and steps are taken to control their number. In some parts of the world these birds cause a lot of damage to the crops, so they are considered as pests. So steps are taken to reduce its population.

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