Things to Avoid in Running

Running is an exercise that requires the exertion of more speed than jogging. Running is also known as sprinting. There are things to avoid during a running session in order to improve your speed and agility.

First, avoid running while wearing the wrong type of shoes. The proper and most advisable shoes for running are running shoes or cross-training shoes. Also avoid wearing the wrong type of clothing. In order to feel comfortable, wear clothing with specialised fabric such as dry-fit, sweat-guard and coolmax. Some beginning runners mistakenly run too early and too fast, thinking that it is beneficial for their running ability. Some runners wrongly stride further and land on their heels to improve their speed, but this sometimes causes injuries such as ankle sprains and fractures. Another element to avoid is bad posture. While running, you need have proper posture and lean a bit forward. Bad posture may cause discomfort and even injuries. Running may make you sweat more than usual. Avoid running on an empty stomach. Eat a light meal one to two hours before you run. Much of the fluid in your body will be expended, so it is advisable to take in lots of fluids. Some runners underestimate their water needs, sometimes resulting in dehydration. Overtraining should also be avoided during a running session. Remember that you expend a lot of energy, so you need to take a rest about once a week for your body to recover and for your muscles to be toned.

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