Tiffin Tuesday – Quiche Bento

In a UK survey, 74% of lunch boxes served to kids have contents which are below nutritional standards created for school meals. The UK Food Standards Agency offers a list of healthy foods that kids’ lunchboxes must contain. These include a portion of dairy food or milk, a piece of starchy food, a portion of fruit, a portion of vegetables, and a portion of protein.

One recipe of a healthy lunchbox, which is featured in the Dailly Tiffin blog, is “Quiche Bento.” It contains a ricotta and spinach quiche on Black&Green’s pieces of organic chocolate, red grapes and mixed salad enfolded in a gold foil to avoid being drenched in vinegar. Ricotta, a flaky Italian cheese, is produced out of whey. It is low fat, with an agreeable texture and taste. It is best used for filled pasta, quiches as well as lasagna, and as a béchamel’s substitute.

To create a Spinach quiche, you must first make a pie shell. Prebake it on a flat pie baking dish. For the filling, you will use a small amount of ricotta, three eggs, a small pack of baby spinach, sundried tomatoes, spring onions (chopped), pepper, salt and halves of cherry tomatoes as decoration. Mix the ricotta with eggs and add pepper and salt for taste. Quickly blanch the spinach; place it in a sieve and pour on a little amount of boiling water. Then spread it within the baking form. Add sundried tomatoes and spring onions. Cover with the egg and ricotta mixture and decorate with the tomato halves. Bake until done. Baking time will be quick since it is flat.

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