Tips & Ideas for Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

kitchen herb garden

Aside from the vegetables and flower plots that are usually seen around the house, typically in the back yard, the most common plants around the house are herbs. It is easy to cultivate culinary herbs. These herbs are basically used for cooking and seasoning. Cultivating culinary herbs is similar to vegetable growing. The two important matters you must consider in growing a kitchen herb garden are: do not use any pesticides or fertilisers that are not prescribed to be used for edible plants and harvest the herbs at the right period.

Here are some useful tips in growing culinary herbs. First, select the kind of herbs you are going to grow. The annual herbs are much easier and less expensive to grow because you have to start from seed. Though the woody kind of herbs can grow better, the cost of the seedlings or the cuttings are much higher than annual herbs. Second, plant the herbs in a rich soil and avoid using any supplemental fertilisers. Third, use pesticides with a gentle solution and limit the use to necessary amount.

The design of the garden is important to herb development, so you must consider the design of your kitchen herb garden before you start planting. It might be handy for you if you grow them nearby the kitchen to add some ideas to your cooking ingenuity. Herbs like mint and oregano that tend to infiltrate the garden are best grown in containers.

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