Tips on How to Run Faster

Running is an adrenaline-boosting exercise, during which you exert a full blast of energy and burn lots of calories. For example, if you have been running at a steady pace for about five kilometres, it is important to challenge yourself by running faster. The following are some useful tips about how to run faster.

First, it is very important to stretch muscle tissues in order to allow the blood to flow normally. Next, start jogging a distance which you prefer. For beginners, be prepared for a slightly uncomfortable burning sensation in your leg muscles. Increase the distance of your strides while running fast and take a 30-second break of jogging after running. Do some workouts at regular intervals, such as running around a track and then taking a five-minute recovery by jogging. Repeat this about five times to strengthen your stamina. It is also advisable that while running, you observe a proper posture by leaning slightly forward. A 100 metre hill may help you run faster and build your body strength. Run toward the top of the hill with full force and gently jog back down. It is also important that you lose weight because studies show that for every pound you lose, you will gain an additional two seconds per mile. Always remember to take a break every after a running session. It is not advisable to run everyday because your body needs some rest to recover from the previous running session.

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