Top 10 Western Films Of All Time

Western films were some of the first full-length movies to ever be made. They depicted life the way many knew it. Life on the range, steering cattle, farming and even living in little towns, where gunfights, looting and Indians were an everyday spectacle. Through the years, westerns seemed to lose their appeal, as people were more entertained by comedies, musicals and dramas. It wasn’t until relatively recently that they have started to make a small comeback and find their way into theatres. Films like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘No Country For Old Men’ have brought back the cowboy way, but with a new and more modern perspective.

10. Cat Ballou
Jane Fonda is very surprised by what she gets when she hires a gunman to seek revenge for her. An all around fun film.

9. Stagecoach
John Ford’s great film about a group of odd individuals on a ride in a stagecoach.

8. McCabe and Mrs. Miller
An Oscar nominated movie with some great acting. Warren Beatty and Julie Christie both shine in their roles as McCabe and Mrs. Miller, the oddest business partners one ever did see.

7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Robert Redford and Paul Newman at their finest. There are great action scenes, wonderful dialogue and a fun, adventurous story. Even the women in the family can enjoy this one, because the guys are so enjoyable to look at. A story about a couple of easy on the eyes fellows evading the law.

6. The Wild Bunch
A bunch of old rebellious cowboys and outlaws decide to get one last big score in, before the west disappears before their very eyes. A great film for a bunch of buddies to watch, as it is relevant in any time or place.

5. Red River
John Wayne is at it again. There are lots of twists and turns in this one. You wouldn’t expect your own son to turn against you, but that is only the beginning of it all.

4. Unforgiven
The best of the current western films around, this movie has drama, suspense and action. The acting is phenomenal; it will blow your socks off. There are so many striking and poignant moments that captivate your attention. It’s intense.

3. Shane
“Shane!” “Shane….come back!” The most famous lines from the film, always calling for Shane. One you have to see to understand.

2. High Noon
It must have stunk to be Gary Cooper, get married and find out the person you locked up years ago and who hates you, is out and coming back to your town to get you. Then, to have your entire town turn their backs on you, That’s one bad day.

1. The Searchers
John Ford’s 1956 masterpiece, starring his favourite actor and everyone’s favourite cowboy, John Wayne. The plot changes so often it is a struggle to keep up. At first you think you know exactly what is going on, then you realise you know nothing. Sort of like a thriller, but with all the cowboy and western elements. A great movie.

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