‘Twilight’: More Romance Than Gore

When I first read Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’, I had a strong feeling it would soon be a movie. And I guess I was right wasn’t I, The only thing I didn’t expect to see was Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) as the star vampire.

‘Twilight’ is not just another vampire movie – it’s a vampire movie for young adults, with good doses of high school drama and passion thrown in.

Isabella Swan or Bella (Kristen Stewart) is the quintessential introverted teenager. If being shy wasn’t bad enough, her family moves to a new town right in the middle of the high school years. Her father is the new chief of police in the small Washington town of Forks. This is the setting of our drama, where she meets gorgeous boy-adult Edward Cullen (played by Pattinson) who obviously has a dark, dark secret.

Edward is less Dracula and more X-Men like, and sometimes even bordering on Harry Potter. They are outcasts but unlike what we’ve been taught to believe about vampires, they aren’t always the villains. Bella quickly discovers this about Edward and his mysterious band of brothers and sisters.

‘Twilight’ also has a new take on some common vampire myths which, to die-hard vampire fans may sound slightly strange. But considering that I don’t like the usual ‘Dracula’ or ‘Blade’ sort of movies, I’m happy to believe it all. So, Edward and his ilk don’t have human blood, thus making it safe for Bella to be in love with him. Instead, they live on animal blood. And these vampires don’t just disintegrate into dust when the lights shine – instead they sparkle. Hmmm….interesting!

If you’re looking for gore and horror, ‘Twilight’ isn’t for you. It is more about romance. It has an idealistic charm that you would associate with a teen flick.

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