Vocational Training – Childcare

The vocational training course in Childcare is offered in many schools where there is access to a college which is already set up to offer Childcare at a higher level. These colleges can offer the school partnership, creating a lower level course that can be taken as a GCSE option which will lead to a recognised qualification, either a BTEC or a NVQ that is of a comparable level and will be accepted in the world of work.

Childcare may be an excellent course for anyone who thinks they would like to work with children when they leave school. It will give you a real insight as to what to expect, and in many cases you will be asked to go to a childcare provider and work with them, whilst being closely supervised by the college as well as a senior member of staff on site. The Childcare course tends to focus on the younger children, those from birth until they reach school age, so it may not be of interest to someone who is considering secondary teaching as a career path.

For those who do want to work with younger children this can be an excellent starting point, as you will be shown the most important factors in providing appropriate care for a young child or baby, and how to make sure that they are safe and healthy and well looked after at all times when they are in your care.

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