Vocational Training – Hairdressing

For some people, traditional academic courses can be a little daunting, but thankfully many schools have come to recoginse this and now offer a range of vocational training courses where you will learn skills that will take you straight into the world of work at the end of school. One such course is Hairdressing, although it is not offered in all schools so you will need to check with your school when the options are released.

Hairdressing is pretty much just as it sounds. It is often taught in partnership with a nearby college which already have salon set-ups and teach hairdressing at a higher level equivalent to A level. In many cases the college will work with the school and create a lower level course, leading to a BTEC or NVQ qualification.

You will be introduced to the basics of hairdressing, and some of the information you would need to run a salon of your own in the future. You will have to get involved in all aspects of hairdressing, and some of this will be starting right at the bottom, with the basics of answering the telephone, making appointments, greeting customers and sweeping the hair after the stylist has finished the cut. You will then move up in steps, learning from a professional whilst getting to try out more simple hairdressing skills as you go, under the supervision of a senior lecturer, from washing hair to setting rollers in place for a perm.

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