What is Hillwalking,

Tired, bored or confused, If feeling one of those, a healthy walk is a big help! Walking can be a recreational activity on holidays or weekends that can be done alone, with family, or with friends. Walking will not only help us loosen up after a tiring day, but it also serves as an exercise to gain energy for the day ahead. Walking also lets us enjoy and once again appreciate life and the world we live in.

Walking in the United Kingdom is the most preferred outdoor activity, both recreationally and as a pastime. The term walking refers to what we often call hiking. The UK has an extensive variety of ascents and interconnected footpaths that allow people to gain easy access to the countryside, wooded areas and moorlands. In the countryside, walking is also known as rambling, while walking on mountainous or hilly country is called hillwalking or fellwalking.

Hillwalking specifically refers to recreational activities such as, mountaineering, hiking, or backpacking, while fellwalking specifically refers to leisure walks in the scenic hilly regions of England. To clarify the difference, fell (mainly in British) is the preferred term for the upland stretches, stony hills and other such features in the Northern and Northwestern parts of England. In any case, always remember that when considering hillwalking activities, one needs good skills in map reading and navigation. Some of the most popular sites for hillwalking are in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Wales and Scottish Highlands.

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