What is Warp Knitting,

Warp knitting, also called machine knitting, refers to a knitting process that involves interweaving the yarn across the length of a knit fabric such as in adjoining columns of knitting. This process is done by machine because it needs to have an equal number of yarn strands and number of row stitches to create a nice result.

To make warp knits, a yarn sheet is joined by stitches along a lengthwise direction. As a result, each thread in the yarn sheet creates upright parallel wales. These loops called Dorlastan loops provide the required elasticity for a warp-knit cloth. The stitches made on one side of the cloth are vertical while the stitches made at the back are horizontal. Fabrics used for underwear, corsetry, and swimwear are produced through this process.

A warp knitting fabric is highly-resistant to runs, and does not easily unravel. It is easy to sew and offers a perfect fit. The kinds of warp knitted cloths are Tricot, Milanese Knits, Raschel Knits, Simplex Fabric, Ketten Raschel Knit and Crochet Knit. Tricot is commonly used in lingerie while Milanese knits are stronger, and more costly than Tricot. Raschel knitted fabric is bulky, but does not easily stretch and serves as a seamless material for jackets and coats. Simplex fabric consists of fine yarn which is relatively thick and is best for gloves, slip covers and handbags. Ketten Raschel Knit is finer and has great elasticity. Crochet Knit is used to make laces, carpets and bedspreads.

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