What to consider when putting together the stag party.

As the best man you have two responsibilities. The first is that the whole stag party is arranged with everyone and the second is that the stag party goes well. Both responsibilities are important and, if you fulfil them well, then everyone will remember you with respect and admiration; you will be a man among men. Should they go bad, however, you will be seen in a very different light for every more.

When organising the stag party think about who is a friend of the groom and who he would like to be there. Invite these people first along with people that you may have to invite, like the bride’s brother or father. If you are short of numbers and the groom is in agreement, invite people that the groom knows and is ok with them turning up. Under no circumstances invite anyone that the groom truly dislikes even if you think they are ok.

The event itself is the next step. There are several decisions to be made, such as where are you going; what are you going to do; how long is the stag party going to be and when the stag party should take place. This is the groom’s night, so it should be focused on what he wants to do. There are pros and cons to all the decisions, but make sure there is a good place to drink and you will be half-way to arranging a good stag party.

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