What to look out for in a mattress sale

Mattress Sale

Once the decision has been made to buy a new mattress, its not just the quality that counts, its also the cost. All of us are lured into the idea of getting a bargain in a mattress sale, but its important not to get carried away by the money off labels – a mattress is an investment for the future, not only for the sake of a good night’s sleep, but also the health benefits too – so effective research is key.

In this article we’ll look at what kinds of mattresses are available, how to choose the best mattress as well as things to think about when buying one in a sale.

The main types of mattress are memory foam, latex, pocket sprung, open coil and continuous coil. Everyone has different requirement from their mattress and they may change depending on what age they are, and whether they have a bad back or not. Pocket sprung mattresses have the springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. Unlike memory foam mattresses they don’t mould to the body’s shape but they can offer a similar amount of support. Pocket sprung are not as warm as memory foam either, so that people who get too hot at night may prefer them.
Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of temperature sensitive viscoelastic material which allows the shape of the mattress to change to suit the shape of the body. Continuous coil and open coil spring mattresses tend to be cheaper than other types of mattress – continuous coil mattresses are made from a single looped wire whilst open coil made of single springs secured together by a single wire. Less common are latex mattresses, which tend to be more expensive but are claimed to be resilient and better able to keep their shape than others.

Before looking for the best mattresses in a mattress sale it’s a good idea to work out which kind of mattress is best for the different sleep positions people tend to use. The pressure points change and therefore which parts of the body press against the mattress, and the best kind is one that lies between support and softness. For instance, side sleepers are best suited to mattresses that are softer and give more cushioning, allowing the body to sink slightly into them whereas those that sleep on their backs need one that provides a strong support to maintain the best spine alignment, such as pocket spring mattresses.

Once the type of mattress is decided on, then before buying one in a sale watch out for gimmicks such as labels implying they are orthopaedic or medically approved as there is no medical organization that officially certifiy this, although they may have orthopaedic friendly features. Also ask about trail periods or comfort guarantees, which some states have, and also understand the details such as whether shipping is included, if there is a money-back guarantee or exchange etc. Also, check if the mattress has a warranty.

There are definitely bargains to be had, but its important to look into everything before buying.

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