Winter-Sports Holidays for Young Travellers

As well as the water-sports and trekking holidays that are on offer, it is well worth considering one of the many winter-sports holidays that are aimed at young travellers. Combing sports and gap year travel has become an increasingly popular choice for students, and many places including the major skiing-destinations in Europe provide exciting getaways.

Canada is an example of somewhere further afield, and areas like St. Louise – one of the most popular winter-sports destinations in the world – entertain a wide variety of travellers looking to add skiing and snowboarding excursions to their travels.

As well as the array of tuition courses on offer, most people choose to go for the instructor courses, where it is possible to gain a recognised qualification for teaching skiing and snowboarding. The skiing instructor course available in Canada, for example, has an approximate duration of four weeks. It will come at a high cost, so it may be worth looking into other course available in Europe that will be more suitable to a lower budget. Longer courses incorporating both skiing and snowboarding instructorship are also available.

But before you choose a travel company, it is highly recommended to shop around and find alternative ways to source accommodation and flights. Although the majority of companies can save you money on an all-in package, the price of flights and lodging can vary dramatically at different times the year, so it is cheaper to plan the itinerary yourself. If you are planning an active holiday, obtaining travel insurance will be essential.

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